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Simultaneous Interpretation Services in UAE

At the heart of seamless global communication lies the power of interpretation. ADLTC proudly introduces its Professional Simultaneous Interpretation Services and advanced Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment, designed to break language barriers and foster understanding across diverse domains. Our commitment is not just to convey words, but to bridge cultures, connect minds, and enable impactful interactions.

I am proud to be a part of this division of the literary world because translation introduces a person to the world. Without it, you would be limited to the borders of your own country. A great quote I once read, “It is better to have read a great work of another culture in translation than never to have read at all.” Translation gets rid of the cultural barriers and introduces respect, understanding and knowledge of the other; especially for a country as U.A.E where all walks of life live and work here side by side. 

Khalfan Al Mheiri

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2024

International Book sellers Conference Sharjah. 2024

Muaythai & kickboxing press conference

International Conference

IUCN Council Meeting

Arab Russian Cooperation Forum

Official Opening Ceremony of SIBF

11th Dubai International Sports

Sharjah Book Fair Cooking Corner

technical translation services

What sets Client Translation apart from other translation platforms is the high quality of their translators. The website boasts a vast network of experienced and qualified linguists who specialize in various industries. I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of language pairs and subject matter expertise available. It gave me confidence that my project would be handled by a professional who truly understood the nuances of the content.

Badr al-Din

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